Monday, January 4, 2010

Wish List

Another year has gone by.

A year, that was  for me, rather good. But still, there is a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. I feel I could have done a bit more, achieved a bit more. I wish I had set some new goals and tried  hard to meet them.  I wish I had gone to new places, tried out some new tastes. I wish I had learned a new art, like pottery. I wish I had an exciting job. I wish I had read more books. But if wishes were planes, the beggars would fly...

I never make new year resolutions. I know I am incapable of keeping them. I prefer to make some wishes instead. If they are granted, I feel happy. If not, I know they were never meant to be fulfilled. After all, there is also something called destiny.

So this year again, I have made some wishes. Who knows whether they will be granted or not, but there is no harm in praying for fulfillment, is there?

So here it is, my wish list for the year 2010.

1. I wish I would have the courage to read Brothers Karamazov and War and Peace. Each time I pick up  these two Russian classics, the task seems daunting. The sheer size of War and Peace has unnerved me in the past. I wish to read these 2 books in 2010. Though, I will require some hand holding for this.

2. I wish my children would start showing some respect to each other. They are constantly bickering and fighting. The older one tries to bully the younger sister. ( Ayushi, go get my books from the 
table or else,.. or Ayushi, if I ever catch you behaving like this, I will beat you..The younger one is not to be out done. (  Stop being so lazy and get your own stuff, or I already have a mother, I don't need another one...) I wish my older one would learn that bullying some one, specially when that some one is less than half your size, is not the most graceful thing to do.And I wish the younger one would realize that one could do with another mother in life, specially when that other mother is your own older sister.

3. I wish my husband would accept that it is almost impossible to know all the roads that exist in this city. That if he stops to ask for directions once in a while, no one, specially me, would think he was physiologically challenged. Think of all the fossil fuel we would save, not to mention time.

4. I wish there were companies that would re- employ educated and competent women who had left their jobs sometime back. I wish the corporates would understand that some women have to give up their jobs temporarily to raise their children. That these women can be dedicated and conscientious workers, though they may not be so young any more.

5.I wish shedding some extra kilos that I have piled up would be as exciting  and as easy as eating yummy street food. No matter how hard I try, I can not go back to my former slim and fit self. I know it was the the food in Delhi and Amritsar that kind of did me in, but I wish the food did not stick.

6. I wish I could blog about general, mundane things, like the road in front of my house or the children playing in the park. Those who have the ability to write on every day things are in my opinion true writers.

7. I wish to learn more about technology. I am pretty much a dolt when it comes to any thing new. It took me months to learn about the computer and I still need help from my older daughter when it comes to more serious issues. Technology should not stupefy me, it should be able to make my life less muddled.

8. I wish I would be able to totally conquer my anger. I battle with belligerence and pretty much lose every time. I scream, I use hateful words and I snap back. What's worse, I hang on to my frustrations and never let  go. I wish I had more control over my self. I wish I would learn to be calm and serene this new year.

9. I wish I could meet all my friends more often. There is nothing like talking to those people you have grown with, physically as well as mentally. I wish all of them lived near by and I could drop into some one's house unannounced.

10. And lastly, I wish I could open a bottle of wine effortlessly and gracefully. I wish I could show you what happened when 3 idiots -- a bottle of Merlot, a cork screw and I, met for the first time on a Christmas party. May be I will blog about it, if you wish for it.

So that's about it.  That was my wish list 2010. Towards the end of the year, I will know how many of them have come true.  I wish the year would end soon! And yes, I wish each one of you a very, very happy New Year! Have fun always.


Meira said...

Yes, I wish for the post about the 3 idiots, a bottle of Merlot, a cork screw and you :D
Have a fantastic new year :)

Unknown said...

happy new year!!! :)
may ur wishes come true!!!
N i want to know what happened when "3 idiots, a bottle of Merlot, a cork screw and you, met for the first time !"

Nona said...

That was brave! Now that you have written the resolutions down, the plan is in place. You should revisit these on 31st December 2010 for sure. :)

As for War and Peace, you need more of a book holder than an hand holder. :)

Boys asking for directions! Nay!!!

SJ said...

Happy happy new year!

The Holy Lama said...

Happy to see you back. Missed you. And the wish list is kind of hoping too much. Let's see what future has in store.:)

BK Chowla, said...

I wish all your wishes get fulfilled.
A very happy new year to you.

The Panorama said...

Hmm, that is one long list, Aparna. But me thinks you are too hard on yourself and set very high goals maybe. That is why I made just three resolutions or wishes as you may call them:).

Sibling fights, hmm that is just a part of life, dear.
Losing weight, hmm am in the same boat...I know it is hard BUT not impossible...shall we start a suppost group her on blogsphere and note down our progress etc? I will join you in it.

I think there is a simple formula that works for me: enjoy what you have now, hope for better but above all learn to be happy with your shortcomings and imperfections coz you are perfect as you are.
Happy new year:)

The Panorama said...

By the way, I love your blog, and always wait for a new post, so don't worry about writing posts about mundane things...each one has their own unique charm:)

Suree said...

i wish that all ur wishes get fulfilled.. :P

Haddock said...

Ha ha ......laughed at point No 3

Sakshi said...

Aww so you wish just like me about husbands and asking directions?? I could write a Dummies Guide on how to stop and ask for directions and save precious time and money on fast food based on our numerous travel experiences. Mine doesn't even use the GPS system...hmmmf!!!!

You definitely should read Brothers Karamazov this year. Well don't come to the conclusion that I read great books all the time...hee. My husband is a great fan of Dostoevsky and he is the one who gave me a helping hand to start reading his works...and now I am hooked. Crime and Punishment is yet another master piece.

Well hope all your wishes do come true in this year and wishing you and your family a very very happy new year :)

Vivek S Patwardhan said...

Very interesting post and so straight from heart!

When I asked my daughter to run errands she accused me of employing 'child labour'!!

Enjoyed. May all your wishes come true,


Anonymous said...

First time commentor.

The trick to reading War and Peace succesfully is to just ram through it by brute force. The soirées and the war stories are BIG distractions that tempt you to throw the book in the fire, but once you get through those the story really develops well.

geeta said...

I agree with THE PANORAMA that we all are perfect with our imperfections....

Wish that your wishlist comes true in time...(as decided by you)

Anyways have a great year ahead

Ire said...

An interesting read! I do want to want to know when the 3-idiots got together!

Happy New Year!

Samvedna said...

wishing the best for your wish list !

War and peace is a thick book, but very interesting and once you start it, you wont be able to put it down.

ZB said...

Thata astu!! Wish u a great 2010...TC:D

Anonymous said...

Happy New year. Good Luck with the wishes...And I really mean that :)

I was highly disappointed with last years resolutions/wishes. So not making any this year. Lets see whats in store.

Balvinder Balli said...

Aparna, that's a great wishlist and yes most of your wishes are mine too, loosing killos, having well behaved kids, reading left out books, meeting old friends and the best one i liked was opening the bottle of wine without messing around.

Ishita said...

Mamma, nice template! I wonder who revamped it... Ha ha. True, Ayushi has to learn not to pick on me.I'm double her age, and you don't need to know how to open a wine bottle anyway, you can just bang it until the top breaks, or to be safe, call baba.

Blunt Edges said...

i wish your kids continue the same way! what's the fun if they start acting all mature? ;)

Kavi said...

Wishing you all the very best this year. Those wishes are all so very alluring and mouthwatering !

Most of it is....about getting started. So...looking forward to hearing about your getting started...!!!

Except the husband and the road bit ! you know...there is something about men !

PJC said...

Happy new year!! And good luck with that list. Esp the first one. Its a crime not to have read those books, they are BRILLIANT!! Ciao!

Smita said...

The 3rd wish should apply to all men folks ;-) God! Give them sense!!!

Loved reading through your wishlist, I wish all your wishes turn true & I also wish that may God givwe everyone a subtle sense of humor like you :) I love reading posts like this :)

Aditya Deadpan said...

Nice writeup and cool resolutions... But i think making resolutions once a year is trivial... pick up a diary and write resolutions each morning .. then in the night before sleeping see how many we have worked on and whats the pending action... that why short term resolutions can help us making our long term resolutions true ..

Destiny's child... said...

I hope all your wishes come true. And yes, even I don't make new year resolutions. It feels terrible when you break one. Have a great year ahead :)

Sandhya said...

I don't make 'new year' resolutions! I know I will never follow it!

My sons behave like 'poorva janma' yediri (dushman)! So, I have lost hope.

My husband never gets out of the car and ask for directions. I have to do it!

My tummy will never go in, in this janam! Lost hope, here too!

No.8 - Ditto, word to word. Wish I will change myself, will I?

Nice list you have, Aparna!

Happy New year to you and your family too! God bless you, be happy always!

Aparna said...

Hi Meira, about the encounter with the corkscrew and the wine, the sooner I forget the better! Thanks for your wishes, hope you too have a fantastic year.

Hi Mindfulmeander, once I forget my embarrassment, I will probably blog about it. Happy New year.

Hi Nona, I have a gut feel that not a single wish will come true.

Hi SJ, thank you and same to you, hope to read how you celebrated new year in your blog.

Hi Holy Lama, thank you. May be some of my wishes will come true, who knows?

Hello BK Chowlaji, thank you. Happy New Year to you too.

Hi Panorama, may be, just may be, I will shed weight this month. I live in hope. Thank you so much.

Hi Suree, thanks a lot!

Hi Haddock,:) men will be men.

Hi Sakshi, are you back from your trip?
My mom has been telling me to read all the books by this great Russian author, Dosto something, for ages. Frankly I lack the courage. May be I will do it this year. God help!

Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri said...

Enjoyed reading this post. Wish you all the best for 2010.

Sumandebray said...

I thought there will be a wish in the wish list wishing that these wishes does not get replaced by some other new wishes.....
"HAZARON Khwaishe aisi ki her khwaish pe dam Nikle"

Me wish all your wish come true

Aparna said...

Hello Vivek,children are priceless! Thank you so much. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

Hi Shilpa, welcome, I like your idea a lot. I can always do with some brute force. May be I will do what you suggested.

Hi Geeta, thank you so much. Wishing you a happy new year as well.

Hi Nikita, the 3 idiots were a disaster! I do not know whether I should inflict such pain on my readers!

Hello, Antarman, a lot of people are recommending war and peace. I am determined to start the book.

Hi ZB, thank you! I hope all your wishes come true too!

Hi Jyothi, I also do not have much hopes. But I really am serious about the books.

Hi Balvinder, thanks!

Hi Ishita, do you like my page? I am quite proud of some one's efforts! Seriously, what will I do without you?

Sorcerer said...

may all your wishes get fulfilled :)

Happy new year to you! :)

anupama said...

Dear Aparna,
Good Evening!
Wishing you A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
real life experiences are very exciting!May your wishes come true!
Wishing you a lovely night,

Ajai said...

Gee I want to read those 2 books too. But like you said, that could mean dedicating a lot of time. Not something we have lots of.
But anyways, Happy New yEAR. May all your wishes come true. And let the kids fight na. They'll laugh about it when they grow up. :)

Shankar.Nash said...

Hope ur wishes come true.. particularly with the children :)

anyway, wishing you a very happy new year

Nupur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nupur said...

Men asking for directions ? It's very typical A for Men to find the way on their own..there would be very rare men who do this ! Yes this means I'm talking abt my man as well who believes in finding ways on his own :P

Books...Ahh! My wish too A...I have so many unread books and I really want to start reading like earlier you know 1 book /day..if not exactly like that at least a book / week..I have become pretty slow in reading these days..bad!

Oh bullying and all that...but isn't that normal with kids ? I mean at least I did the same to my younger bro when we were really young :) With growing age I think it settles down :)

A such companies do exist who re-hire the women who had gone on a break / sabbatical

Oh yes! I would like to know what happened when 3 idiots,a bottle of Merlot, a cork screw and you, met for the first time on a Christmas the public demand a post on it soon :)

Have a happy and healthy year 2010 :)

Tomz said...

Well..that was an innovative wish list...It is difficult to believe that a person can really live with such kind of wishes and desires..Reading between the lines, one could understand ur full biodata..

Sharmila said...

And I wish you'd just forget all these wishes and stay happy .. and keep on dishing out such wonderful writes. :-)
Happy New Year Aparna. :-)

Onkar said...

Your wish-list is quite interesting.

sujata sengupta said...

I wish for all that you wish for too..and I know none of it apart from maybe you being able to open a wine bottle gracefully will come true!! I dont wish at all..whats the bloody point..ohh just one wish make the goa trip happen GOD pleaseee!!

NR said...

Happy New Year !!
Wish all your wishes come true!!

Aparna said...

Blunt edges, I wish they would at least pretend to grow up!

Kavi, the wishes are also about touching the finishing line. I have stared many good books and have not been able to finish them. Sigh!

Prathik, I will be trying my best.

Smita, men will be men! Thanks, I appreciate your comments, always.

Aditya Dogra,very true...but then I always lack the will to carry through my resolutions, that is why I do not make them you see!

Destiny's child, thanks, wishing you a great year ahead.

Sandhya, thanks a lot. I too wish you and your family a beautiful year ahead.

Santanuda, thanks, I wish you a happy 2010 as well.

Suman :) bahut nikle mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle!

Aparna said...

Sorcerer, thanks, wishing you the same.

Anupama, thank you and I wish you a very happy new year.

Ajai, best wishes with your reading!

Shankar, thanks! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

Nu, you know more than anything, I want to read those 2 books. I really hope I will be able to do it this year!

Tomz, my full bio-data from my wish list? Nah!

Sharmila, thanks, I wish I will be able to dish out frequent posts too, but I have not begun very well! Only one post so far.

Onkar, thank you.

Sujata, I bet I will be able to impress you with my wine bottle opening ability! Goa, here we come!

Nazish, thanks, hope you have a very good year too.

Urmi said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
I appreciate for your wonderful post.

Mangal said...

you beat your daughter ? ;) fantastic post - quite quite quite refreshing in this dull afternoon..

JP said...

Wishing you all the best!!!

Razzer said...

Hey...Happy New Yr. Loved my stay here. Loved the post. Ill be back. :-)

Razzer said...

Ohh n hey...Men generally DO ask for directions. Hahaa.

Aparna said...

Babli, thank you :)

Manan, I beat my daughter? Did I say that? Thanks for writing in.

Jarlin, thank you.

Anand, they do??? How come I missed seeing?

Sh@s said...

I stumbled on ur blog and was struck by the simplicity of ur blog n writeups.

The fact and the realization that there was more that i could do and the urge to do many more things is what keeps us going. If we felt that we have achieved or done more than what i could have then life would seem boring.
I hope ur wishes get fulfilled this year n yes i would like to know what happened to ur last wish about the 3 idiots n....

Happy Blogging!!

Manish Raj said...

Hey Arpita..

You've written it very well..follow them now..

You wish list number 9 is in my wish list also this year :)

Happy New year.

Ramakrishnan said...


One wish I can help you achieve. Present your husband with a GPS system. He can self navigate and wont bother you about mundane things like roads.


Sai Charan said...

Hi Aparna ji,

It's been quite a long time since I last visited your blog and let me not say my ever boring words - I'll be a regular reader from now onwards :) ha ha...

Well regarding your wish list:

1. How bout neatly splitting a fat book into exactly two halves, use cellophane tape to perfectly seal them and call them as Part 1 & 2 - you can finish parts sooner than holding onto the whole thing :)

Now don't say "I know this foolish idea and do you expect me to tear expensive classics?". ha ha... Ok, not classics but you can try it on ordinary books :)

2. I remember how I and my sister used to fight during our childhood. But now when we look back - those fights are just funny memories to laugh at and cherish for the rest of our lives :)

5. So you wanna burn calories and turn fit. This is a one big wish that many people have in common - but only a few take measures to actually work and become calorie conscious while taking food.

6. Yes, there are so many interesting things to notice in everyday life.

7. When someone is around you to guide in the right way, learning about technology is quite simple n very easy, you have your daughter to guide you.

8. Now don’t give a serious expression - but I had a laugh reading this point. You sometimes use very “aggressive style” of narration in your blog posts but I never knew that you can touch peaks of anger in reality. Hope from 2010 anger totally vacates your mind, giving way to only peace and calmness :)

And I’m surprised to find that in the comments column, Sandhyaji says “ditto” to this point.

9. Yes, meeting our good old pals gives more happiness as we are reminded of past memories and time spent with them.

10. Along with friends in comments column here, even I too wish to read about your Christmas party, do write about it.

Have a fantastic 2010 ahead :)


Aparna said...

Shas, welcome to my space. Thank you for reading my post and taking pains to post your comment. Hopefully you will be back.

Manish, thank you so much, happy new year to you too.

Ram, hmm, the GPS idea really has some merit.

Sai, hello, long time... all your suggestions have been duly noted :) Thank you so much. I wish you a lovely new year. Take care.

Nishant said...

a bottle of Merlot, a cork screw and you, met for the first time !"

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