Friday, February 12, 2010

My Name Is Aparna And I am An Indian

There were some Pakistani Television serials in the '80s that I loved. Dhoop Kinare. Ankahee. Tanhaiyan. I loved the leading actors and actresses. Now, every time I see the regressive, third rated TV serials made here, I yearn for a good quality Dhoop Kinare kind of a series. There are Pakistani poets like Faiz I admire. I admire his composition, his ethos. His ability to create an impact with very simple language was brilliant. I love Ghulam Ali's ghazals. I also love listening to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I guess that makes me a traitor.

I am hurt that a tolerant Indian society is becoming  rigid day by day. Our country is diverse. There are many faiths, many languages, many communities. There are different food habits and different clothes. We still exist as one. My ideology may be different from yours but we have no right to verbally or physically abuse each other. We certainly do not have the right to damage public property just because our points of view vary.

I am disappointed that I will not be able to see a movie just because the leading actor according to some is not Indian enough. Just because he said he wanted to have some Pakistanis play in his IPL team. I am disappointed that 2 different political ideologies do not co-exist peacefully here.I am disappointed that people have decided to keep quiet on this issue. There have not been people lining up to buy tickets for the movie just to protest against the lawlessness. The people who terrorized Mumbai were not cricketers or singers or actors. So why brand every one alike?

I hope every one realizes that all Indians have a lot of love in them. That India stands for harmony and not hatred. That Indians may love all things foreign but still deeply remain patriotic. That one can appreciate a Pakisitani cricketer but still love Indian cricket. That one can not take our patriotism away just because we say something we believe in.

My heartfelt Valentine's Day wishes to all of you, though I know it is not an Indian custom. But all our numerous gods and saints preached love, didn't they? So have a beautiful time with your loved ones this weekend. And those of you who do manage to see My Name Is Khan, let me know how it was.

I guess till better sense prevails in Mumbai, I will have to do with your reviews.

I know the title of my post is a bit corny, but could not help it.


Destiny's child... said...

It's really sad that some senseless forces acting in our society can't seem to keep arts, music, entertainment or sports separate from politics. I don't think your title is corny ;) It's high time all of us told ourselves that we are Indians first.

aMus said...

when i read today that MNIK will not be shown in bombay, it made me upset...politics is seeping into every thing!

Diwakar Sinha said...

i watched MNIS today. it has a great message...great enough to give it 5 out of 5

Unknown said...

What to say to all this Aparna! It is already sad that we have to live this situation. anyway, Valentine's Day debate is going on since ages now. Its absurd that we find frivulous insignificant reasons and start a fight. Its worse than kids' fight for a share of chocolate.

Its sad that we need to prove our Indian-ness. Is it a part of being an Indian to fight with one another? I think not but it feels like it. considering the prevalent situations here. I understand the passport system for travels abroad, lekin yahaan toh khud ke ghar main I-card pehenana padta hai!

Swaram said...

Wish everybody cud think the way we do Aparna .. when will they grow above all their selfish political motives :(

Here's wishing u a very happy Valentine's day too :) As long as its all for good, any custom any celebration only brings joy rt :)

Anonymous said...

Aptly said Aparna.
First time here from MindfulMeanderings.. liked your blog!
- agree about the cringe factor; guess its same with the old school people
- the projects n pics are really nice :)

P.S: hope you dont mind the combined comments

Nupur said...

What all you wrote is totally right.And I have been discussing with H regarding this since it's being aired on the news channels. It's nothing but stupidity.Or may be there is much better word for it which I don't's just not doing any good to none. But I wish the doers/creators of such nuances realize this fact and the followers realize is sooner !

On a lighter note..Yes I'll let you know about the movie..will be watching it tomorrow ! :P

symphony said...

This is jus arrogance and oversmartness from some eccentrics.Its our bad luck in fact to call these as Indians and carry the burden.

Ranjani said...

It is very disappointing that we have powerful political sources that like to preach and dictate the concept of Indianness to us by segregating other sections of society and disrupting the peace. Having said that, I'm convinced that this madness will only give rise to more publicity for the movie- I'm going to try and watch it soon it's gotten pretty good reviews.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad the extent people go for political mileage. The fact that they are dividing the country along so many lines is something they must be delighted with, as it would help them gain a few more votes.

I just wish some things were kept out of politics.

sujata sengupta said...

Valentine's day, thoughts of shahrukh khan..hmm I think I know where this post came from, hahah, but jokes apart, I feel sad that a silly family part like the shiv sena are even getting so much attention, just a lot of nuisance value!

Aditya Kasavaraju said...

World has finally gone crazy! Disgusting politics everywhere!

wanderlust said...

Very well said, Aparna and a Happy Valentine's day to you too!

Kavi said...

A very happy Vday to you !

The spirit that is 'India' will survive such trivial gimmickry !

Our country is much bigger and our roots are far stronger to keep us going far longer !

Keep the chin right up. All is not lost. People like you, me and us...are the ones that make the difference

The Panorama said...

Well, some people are saying this whole thing is a publicity gimmick... well whatever it is, it is a sad state of affairs. SRK should not be questioned on his loyalty to India. It is petty and unworthy thinking on the part of Shiv Sena. They are giving hindus a bad name.
Am planning on seeing it on sunday here. Can write about it.

Blunt Edges said...

i have heard so much about this stuff over the last few days that all i can do now is cringe!

happy v-day 2 u too :)

NR said...

Well the movie released in Mumbai and thank god gave a message that democracy prevails here. Its just some people who want to profit by all these political gimmick come out with all these stuffs.
I should say one thing that the level of politics in our country has really has come was great to see the Mumbaikar spirit...they outplayed the sainaiks...Mumbai won!!!

Jai Hind!!

Vivek S Patwardhan said...

You said it so well, articulated what I always wanted to say!

People can hold others to ransom because the Government of Maharashtra is incompetent, has no will and is not governing at all.

An unreasonable person, a divisive person thrives only on Government's inability to act.


Kavita Saharia said...

I loved Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyan...i still remember the names of the characters..such powerful stories and performances.And i laughed a lot on Umar sharif's stage plays(my hub hates them).
I have heard great reviews of that movie and can't wait to see it.Now that both the parties have had enough of publicity ,the junta can enjoy the movie.

Happy Valentine's day Aparna.

Samvedna said...

This type of undemocractic ban works only because govt supports them...this is like a jungle raj.

Having said that , I would say that celebrities should also be cautious in issuing statements..calling pakistan a great an insult to all those who suffered in 26/11...but that type of pseudo secularism works in India best.

Aparna said...

Destiny's child, you said it, music, art, entertainment and sports should be kept away from politics. Thanks for reiterating what I strongly believe in.

Suma,MNIK finally released here in some theatres. Thank god better sense prevailed.

Diwakar, I am waiting to see the film, it has got good reviews.

Purnima, what can I say, I feel frustrated too.

Swaram, thank you and a happy valentines day to you too.

softlypinkgloriousred, welcome to my space. I am glad you liked my blog. Hope you will keep visiting.

Nu, the whole thing was so senseless and stupid. Please tell me about the movie. I will be eagerly waiting.

symphony, you said it. It is our bad luck.

Ranjini,whether it was publicity or not, people are lining up to watch the movie. Watching it has become like a protest here.

wordsndreamz, what a way to get votes. Pathetic.

Sujata, you come online, I will tell you all about my Valentines Day!

Aditya, it is a crazy world, Indian politics :)

wanderlust, thank you and happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Kavi, so is people like you and me who make the world a saner place. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Hope you and Missus have a rocking time :)

Panorama, if it was a publicity stunt then it worked pretty well. People are lining up to see the film.
Do write about it. It has got pretty good reviews.

Blunt edges, welcome to cringing :)
The feeling was restricted to moms only so far.

Nazish, yes finally sanity and Mumbai both won.

Vivek, I am getting tired of this divisive politics. Even after the British left us, we are still falling prey to this Divide and Rule policy. Sickening.

Kavita, looking forward to seeing the movie. And I can still see the serials again and again. They are evergreen.

Antarman, in SRK's defense, he never said Pakistan is a great neighbour, he only wanted some players from that country to play in his IPL team.
Nothing can take away the pain of the terrorist attack that happened in Mumbai, but we can not start destroying our own property and hitting out at our own people to take out that anger. That is not right.

sujata sengupta said...

hmmm, i am yet to recieve what I asked you to save sweetheart!! stop sending me jokes and send me what I asked for! that will be enough for V-day!!

Onkar said...

Excellent post as usual. You have given voice to the thoughts of millions of Indians.

BK Chowla, said...

Yes I agree with you.But ,who do we blame.In my opinion ,it is the dirty politics.
India has always encouraged Pak performers to India but Pak refuses to give visas to our performers.Is that a fair exchange?
Even now, there are some performers in India who are on tourist visa.How is ot that they are going and earning unchecked?

Rajesh said...

Very true, people of India are very tolerant. Unity in diversity. But some of the recent events that have been occurring giving space to intolerance.

Save our Tigers

Ellen said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Aparna! God bless you!

RGB said...

Precisely my feeling. Everytime I read the papers / hear on TV abt these frivolous issues kicked up by a bunch of morons who don't know wht they're talking abt, I'm thinking why can't our system put a firm hand to stop the nonsense preached under the patriotic banner. Just live and let live. Are they listening?

G S Pillai said...

I wish you wont have to 'close the door' upon anyone this time, A :-)

Smita said...

I had no plans of watching MNIK because these days I can not stand SRK and no it is not because of the current controversy the hatred has been simmering for quite some time now ;-)

Shankar.Nash said...

nice thoughts Aparna. But, i feel that the whole controversy over hte film is completely a cooked up story. Following SRK over the past 3 years, its very obvious that he is going overboard to promote himself or his movies. Either the spat with Aamir khan or comparison with AB or the recent Airport Fiasco.. everything doesnt seem to be natural. These are controversies that he creates to reach the emotional side of his fans.

going by that recent trend of him, the current issue too seems to be one such. Who is a better person than the sainiks to do these silly acts... so, two fools joined together and trying to make a billion people fools.. lets not fall into their trap and feel for them.

BTW.. these are my thoughts only... in no way to offend his fans

Tomz said...

One of ur great posts. its relevance would remain till the regional fanatics would withdraw from their arguments.

The Holy Lama said...

Have to agree with you and the comeent made by Shankar. These are just traps which we can easily side step. As kavi said - India will outlive these fools and assimilate more things from different culture adding to its beauty.:)
All of us are Indians including the lost sheep who are erring now.

Tripat "Prerna" said...

such a gr8 message conveyed

Anonymous said...

thanks god for the chance to enjoy so many good artical.........................................

Nona said...

Of late, the politician are least tolerant group. Ironically, they are supposed to be show more patience than the others!

Did you get a chance to see the movie? According to the news channels, the movie is released in Mumbai!

Sharmila said...

I may never watch MNIK. Had they not removed the police from KP road to go guard the stupid multiplexes, the innocent would not have been dead at the GB blast in my city. :-(

Zeba said...

I watched MNIK today, and that's why checked out this particular post because of its name!! Must say... I liekd post better than the movie! Atleast u were able to convey your message clearly... I hope what you hope comes true!!

kirti said...

Its not about liking pakistani art and culture, its about calling them great neighbours which they are decidedly not.
Its about Pakistani policy to give tacit or otherwise support to terrorism that hurts.
Infact , i would have loved people not queing up for a movie just to show that Its not Ok calling pakisatn a great neighbour specially when international community is trying to isolate pakistan on this account and pressurising to demolish terrorism from its terretory.
Shivsena and its voilence be damned but nationalism standing poor second is very sad .
please take time out to read my post- An open letter to SRK.
Did I mention that I came across your blog just 2-3 days back and I found it very interesting.

Samvedna said...

I agree to Kriti in toto.

Sumandebray said...

what a waste of energy...... Personal and national!
Why why why
Chanel the energy and resourses for better cause.
different people get offended for different stuff..... Why take it on the ego. Let time be the healer! The hell will not freeze over if a movie is not screened on a particular day.

ani_aset said...

i wont watch the movie..but thats for different reasons, ( i dont like srk)..but mumbai people have given a fitting reply to the shitty politics by turning out in huge numbers to watch the movie..hope you are smiling now :) happy valentines day to you too

Anonymous said...

Intolerance towards other faiths is certainly on the rise. The wonderful land, where all the faiths co-existed, is certainly being demolished by the fanatics and it really saddens me.

But there are still ppl and certain places which are proof of religious tolerance !!!

ZB said...

I agree with you a million %.

I feel Pakistani's are our long lost brothers and sisters.I live in the middle east and i know what they are. They eat, speak, behave everything like us. Watch Pakistani news channel and they look upto India, with awe.They site us examples in solving many of their interior problems. And Pakistani women are one gorgeous lot.

We get around 10 pakistani channels here and they make awsome serials and films. Their literature and art sense is in fact better than ours.They want peace, progress, and economic development as much as we want.

And i feel everytime a bomb explosion or an terror attack happens, our politicians have one reASONING. Pakistan is responsible. watch the news and one would know that a 100 times more terrorist attcks happens in Pakistan than India.

And we have made more than 20 large dams which block precious water supply to pakistan. Watch the news, pakistanis are in serious need of water. Their livelihood is dependent on it.

I am all for India/Pakistani Bilateral relations. We should stop accusing them and try to solve the real issue.

Shiv sena- go to hell. !

Ritu said...

Actually the title of the post got me to stop here. Its wonderful

Ritu said...

Oh yes, I loved Dhoop Kinare too. It was classy

Unseen India Tours said...

Very nice post !! Got the message that you wanted to spread !!

Deepanjan Ghosh said...

They make good Biriyani and Keema Masala in Pakistan too!

Swatantra said...

Happy V day!! Hum hoonge kamyaab ek din!!

Aparna said...

Thank you every one for commenting.
My computer has broken down and I am completely cut off from the cyber world. It is not possible currently for me to respond to each of you individually. I promise to do so for my next post. Have a safe and happy Holi.

Nupur said...

computer well ? not yet? :( waiting for a new post !

Sakshi said...

One Tiger Family I don't mind seeing in the extinct species list :)

I hate generalizing the people of a country. If there are many of us Indians who what's going on with Pakistan am sure there are many Pakistani's who wants an end to all this too.