Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

It's been more than15 days since I last posted.

I feel terribly guilty for neglecting the blog but a tiny corner of my mind is celebrating this utter laziness. The blog can wait, my laziness can't.

Actually there are quite a few things that are making me feel guilty. Like how happy I am now that my mother in law is not in town. She is a sweet lady and is pretty easy going and she brings a sense of discipline to our house. There are set meal times in the house when she is at home.The laundry gets folded at the right time, the kids drink their milk right on time. The maid comes early, the chores get done right on the dot.With her away, things are extremely slack around the house.And I am loving every moment of it. We have been eating a lot of stuff she considers inedible. Sandwiches, spaghetti, pasta, kids think they have died and gone to heaven. I am just relieved the food takes less than an hour to cook. That gives me more time to indulge in my strongest passion, reading.

I have been reading a lot of Nora Roberts lately. She is entertaining and funny and I immensely enjoy all her books. The last book of hers that I read was called The Search. Both my daughter Ishita and I loved it. My friends deride me for reading such junk but I refuse to feel guilty about my reading habits. Whatever gives me pleasure, right? So what if they are chick flicks? So what if they do not make me enlightened and spiritually elevated? They make me want to stay all day in my pajamas, curled up reading. For company,I generally have a bag of chips. One hundred percent pure guilt Hence the pleasure I get from her books is usually doubled.

The other thing that is making me feel guilty these days is my lack of exercise. My yoga teacher is on a holiday. So no twisting of my body at awkward angles, no I-can-touch-my-nose-with-my toes moves and no fire breathing, hell burning, soul purifying breathing exercises. I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. I have noticed that happiness has an adverse effect on my weight.But I have decided to look away from the mirror to assuage my guilt. I do go for walks, but that is purely for pleasure and has nothing to do with guilt.

So what else has me feeling guilty lately? A big box of finest Swiss chocolates that's sitting in my fridge. Someone gave it to us and I've been raiding the fridge at midnight quite often. Experts however say that I have nothing to feel guilty about. Dark chocolates apparently improve the function of blood vessels. Cocoa elevates mood and preliminary research suggests that chocolates boost one's memory and concentration span. What's more, it is hundred percent vegetarian and does not give you a hangover.Or make you pregnant.

So there. Now that I've vented my feelings, I am feeling less guilty about my inactive lifestyle. With Blogger around, who needs a shrink. And who needs is such a wasted emotion anyway.


Nupur said...

1st :)

Nupur said...

Ditto @ MIL :D

I love Nora's books!! The last one I read is 'Birthright'

Thanks for providing a supporting argument for the next time I'm indulging on that dark chocolate bar ;)

Totally agree...guilt is not worth feeling it ;)

Ugich Konitari said...

You know what, at double your age, I still identify myself very very closely with what you have written. Such days are rare, and are meant to be enjoyed exactly the way you describe. If you have someone to bring you a great cup of tea or coffee as you laze around, that's probably the icing , on the dark chocolate ..:-) Enjoy!

Destiny's child... said...

Totally agree! Indulge while you can! :)

Nona said...

Being away from watchful eyes is so much fun! That is way you make it sound! :)

Good to see you are back in action on blogger. But, I wonder for how long? :p

The Panorama said...

Aparna, this is typical woman thing...feeling guilty about things. Something I threw off a while back and its a huge a relief!

Mom in law...I must be one of the few freaks who love her mom in law! and the saddest part about diorce was losing her in the bargain.

I haven't blogged for a long time myself and yes I do feel bad about it...but sometimes one needs that time to just laze about:)

Sharmila said...

Once upon a time I'd look away from a Nora book ... but included in my reads the last 6 months that I spent doing nothing. :-)
Enjoy Aparna ... indulge in whatever you like sans the guilt ... and we are all here thanks to blogger for you to vent. Have fun. :-)

Rama Ananth said...

Enjoy your guilt free trip. We are all in the same boat. Don't worry, be merry!

Rama Ananth said...

Enjoy your guilt free trip. We are all in the same boat. Don't worry, be merry!

Anonymous said...

Rama is right, we are all in the same boat. My mom is here now. Previously, I used to try and impress her too. To make her feel like she has raised the best daughter. Now, I am just myself around everyone I know, and you know what, I have never been happier. MIL is a totally different story though. We women and our screwed sense of duty, love and respect! :D

Last year I read three books of Nora Roberts in succession. Her Dream Trilogy. I absolutely enjoyed it. Chick flick isn't half as bad as people try to lie and say they are. ;)

Alka Gurha said...

Nora Roberts is fun....Forget the guilt trips...enjoy your Freedom! Yayyy.

ZB said...

We all have our guilty pleasures, yes we all do...and blogging has become boring.Dark chocolates are indeed good for health.........and that reminds me-I havent read a book in a loooong time. Fiction dosnt excite me anymore, i am more into current affairs and politics and history ( And biographies) these days...perhaps a metamorphosis has occurred in me.good to read ur blog after long.TC

Kavi said...

You seem to have vented on my behalf as well !!

Most of it applies to me as well..!


Unknown said...

Hey, that's a nice one...First read here and there's so much work that I could just read and go,"OMG, its the same that happens to me"!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Onkar said...

I guess, one generally enjoys whatever one feels guilty about.

Ire said...

Ha! I'd say go dig into that swiss chocolate box! The yoga teacher will be back in no time!

Aparna Mishra said...

I loved your post

Aparna Mishra said...

aparna...........Y dont u visit my blog?

Unruly Rebel said...

well nice one...indulge even if u cant... :D :)

Sujata said...

I loved this post and can totally empathizes....I would like to follow your blog...

Er. said...

I don't think that you need to be guilty about it, at all. Just have fun, loads of fun, as long as you can deal with it!

Aparna said...

Scribbler,Currently I'm reading another Nora book, The Villa!

Ugich Konitari,Unfortunately, I have to make my own tea, but still, nothing like a cup of tea and an interesting book.

Destiny's child, thank you!

Nona, it is!

Panorama, you are not the only one. My mother and my grandmother had a wonderful relationship. I grew up thinking that was what it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, reality bit me!

Sharmila, actually the Nora Roberts books are quite enjoyable. Do you know after Oprah Winfrey, she has topped the largest donor to charity last year?

Rama, thanks.

Jyothi, we do have a strong sense of duty. Most of the time I like that part of my personality, but at times I feel, what the heck!

Alka, thank you.

ZB, we all change over the days. Metamorphosis is always a good thing.

Kavi, so what is the cure for this utter laziness?

C'st Moi, welcome to my blog!

Onkar, yes, that is why it is good to indulge in your guilt.

Nikita, the yoga teacher is back :(

Aparna, thank you, I will.

Unruly Rebel, thank you.

Sujata, thank you.

Arijit, there is no such thing like too much fun in one's life :)

Arooj said...

such negligible tussle between relationships is normal sometimes it enhances their beauty if it remain within limits of love:-)

dr.antony said...

It is interesting.most of the things we love to do in life are not socially accepted. Some men like to smoke,or drink,or to have sex.Women too.They are all prohibited.The same applies to simpler things like chocolates.And that is why we love to have them.
Just enjoy what you like to do.

G S Pillai said...

joining you in your laziness from .. where else, my couch!:-)

Swatantra said...

I like your honest way of writing..

Almostpundit said...

You made your personal ramblings on guilty pleasures a real pleasure to read, you are a truly gifted writer. Why dont you write a book... just on your these insignificant sweet nothings? Believe me (you know too) it will be a best seller.

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