Friday, November 14, 2008

A Theme For Her Dream

God is in the details,or so I believed. I painstakingly planned down to the minutest detail. I was throwing a party for my daughter who would be turning six and she wanted to have something different this time. " We are sick of the same old party games...It has become pretty boring. Can't you do something better?"
So I thought I would throw the party of the year and planned a 'Pirate Theme Party' for her.
Invitation cards proclaiming "Ahoy there matey" went to all the miniature pirates. 'Captain Ayushi'wanted to call all her friends to be there at her 'pier', Large cardboard skulls, black flags, and ships were cut out by the captain's elder sister and father. A large 3kg cake in the shape of a pirate ship was ordered. It was another matter that the cake finally looked like a bus that had met with an unfortunte accident. But who cared? It was made of rich, gooey chocolate right?
An old harmonium box covered with gold paper sat in the middle of the hallway full of 'return gifts' - a sparkling sword, a black eye patch and a pair of binoculars for each child.
A game of treasure hunt was played. My elder daughter with her friend had hidden chocolate coins wrapped in gold in various places. Little pirates wearing their eye patches had to hunt for them and put them in their goodie bags. Whoever managed to collect the most would win 'The Grand Pirate Prize'.
Within seconds my house was completely taken over by 35 plunderers all desperately looking for ttheir nuggets of gold.Precious pirate theme paper plates and glasses flew in all directions. The forks and spoons were used more for poking each other.
Later, the pictures showed that I looked like a zombie - completely unaware of whatever was happening around me. My husband was single - handedly trying to guard the door as well the as the floor to ceiling windows. My home was on the 24th floor and we were trying to prevent 35 six year olds from flying out of them. My precious sofas had muddy (chocolate?) hand prints all over. The pristine walls sported various modern art. The white Italian marble floor had pepsi, cake and god knows what stains on it. Later, it took us almost 3 days to get the house back in order.
After making sure each child was handed over to his/her mom - (don't forget the sword, the goodie bag; aunty may I have another sword? I'm sure my brother would love one - and can I have one for my friend as well?. Are you sure that this boy belongs to her? they don't look similar), I crashed on my now ruined bed trying to get my bearings back. The little imp - one eye still patched up, came flying through the door, gave me a hug and said," That was cool - can I have an astronaut theme party next year?"


sujata sengupta said...

That was really have the knack for humour in writing, will look forward to the next one!!

Sakshi said...

gosh and I was planning a pirate theme one for my boy who is turning 5 in august...u give me goosebumps but waito I forgot that we are planning the party at a rented out place *grins wide one tooth missing like a pirate*

Susan said...

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