Friday, May 1, 2009

Roman Holiday

I am off to the bel paese for my summer break tonight.
It was a country I always wanted to see since my childhood. A country where personalities like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, and Galileo changed the meaning art, literature and science forever. A country that was once the centre of European culture.
My first stop is going to be Rome. A city that, legend has it, was founded by two brothers who claimed to be the sons of war god Mars and were raised by a she-wolf. It is a city whose influence on language, religion, law, philosophy.... last around the world even today. And most importantly for me, a city where an incognito princess, bored with her sheltered life found romance.
My husband's busy schedule means we can only spend a measly twelve days in Italy. It will not be possible to exhaust all that the country has to offer in so little time. After all how can you cram a treasure cove of are, history, cuisine and natural beauty in just twelve days? But we are definitely going to try.
As dear hubby has banned me from carrying the laptop, I will not be able to share my journey with you. So readers, there will not be any blogging for me for some time.
I hope each one of you also take a journey this summer that will change your perspective of the world for ever. So cheers every body and arrivederci.
BTW do you think if I stare at that hunk David for long enough, he will come to life? I guess there's no harm in trying!


sujata sengupta said...

have a great trip and would await the story of david's coming to life for you on your return!!

के सी said...

very well written and we will wait

Onkar said...

I remeber my visit to Rome a few years ago. I found that almost every house in the city had a terrace garden.

Sushant Singh said...

nc post mam :)

Urmi said...

Wish you a very happy journey.Very well written.
You are welcome in my blog-

chhandik said...

I liked your blog very much.Excellent!You are welcome in my blog.

Aparna said...

Thank you every body. I am back from my wonderful trip.
Sujata you will have to wait a little more to know about David!
Thanks Kishore and Shanky.
Onkar the terrace gardens are still there. And it was spring time so the flowers were in full bloom.
Thanks Sanjoy, will definitely visit your blog.