Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey, I Have Struck Gold!

My site is worth $434,176.

Sorry Pablo Neruda, much as I love you, today I can write only the happiest lines.

I am in a happy state of mind, and have been like this ever since Zillionbig delivered this earth shattering piece of news.

Yesterday, he told me that my blog was worth $434,176. Can you believe it? That's almost 2 crores, guys! Hallelujah, I am sitting on a gold mine! Moreover, Shobha De's blog is worth only $ 3000 !! Move over lady, here I come!

The mercenary in me did a little jig. I wanted to know how to get this figure converted into real hard cash and found out that if I ever sell my blog, (fat chance), then the buyer will have to shell out this amount. Considering that blogs can be created by just about anybody and that too for free, who will ever want to buy my blog? ( Thank you Zillionbig for bursting my bubble.) Still, I am worth that much, even if on paper and I am ecstatic. Finally, finally, I am worth some moolah! I can't help but celebrate.

The sentimental in me is no less happy. Writing has been my salvation. It has saved me from going to stuffy corporate dinners my husband is always dragging me to. It has saved me from those kitty parties my friends think I should join. It has saved me from cooking. And it has certainly saved me from teaching physics to my daughter. ( ''Honey, can you come back later? I am in the middle of writing my blog") The world may go and take a hike, I am content sitting in front of my computer, clicking and clacking. But still, for some obscure reason, this feels like validation.

I started blogging only last November. I have not even written 50 posts. Initially I started to jot down personal accounts and then slowly went on to write on issues close to my heart. My posts are generally optimistic in orientation. They reflect my attitude, my belief, my passion. Writing my blog has brought me immense creative satisfaction and has been largely cathartic. Finally, I feel I am more than a daughter, a mother, a wife. I am a person capable of speaking out on a public platform. This is a high that no pot of gold could have ever given me.

So the grateful in me is extremely thankful to my readers. I know without you, I would never have ventured this far. You have encouraged me with your comments and have made me want to write something new every week.Every time I have experienced a writer's block, some comment has triggered a thought. Without my knowing how, that thought has changed into a post. So you see my dear reader, you are my gold mine and I truly feel very, very rich today for having your support.

For those of you who want to know your worth, go to But believe me, it can not be worth more than the happiness your writing will bring to you.

Still, here's wishing you some happy mining. May you get your gold.


Ajit Ray said...

Congratulations! I hope you won't forget my steadfast support if you do sell your page sometime. :)

Ajit Ray said...

And I guess this was the first time I got to be the first commenter! Just goes to show your fan-following... Cheers!

Supriya Dutta said...

Congratulations and celebrations... :)..

ZB said...

hehe, sweet of you. You deserve this. One of the BEST and lively blogs that i have read so far. Keep up the good work lady, way to go.Its a vindication time, you have proved everyone against you wrong. :))

Neha said...

congrats Aparna...first time on ur blog and gotta read such a positive post...keep blogging..:)

Meira said...

hehe...mine's worth $208...wowee..that too is a lot of money:D
You write so well...I'm glad your daughter has to wait for the Physics lesson

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! You definitely deserve it. Enjoy the high!!

Kavi said...

Congratulations !

More on the writing and all the goodwill that you earn ! The money can wait !


SJ said...

I love your blog because you make even the most mundane thing -like your computer being down with virus, the annoyance tag etc, SO interesting! And the issues you write about like your grandmother and the girl child etc are so beautifully penned.

Yours is the best (not one of the best) blog in blogsphere. Sakshi once remarked, "Aparna is a master story teller" We both wish like hell we could write like you!!

Looking forward to more posts from you!

Sandhya said...

Aparna, Congratulations! I know you just for a short period, but I have started waiting to read your new posts.

Keep going...all the best!

Sharmila said...

Hey congrats! All your clicking and clacking has borne fruit. :-) Always love your writes. Btw do you realise how many hits you have given to that website? I too hurried over .. saw a measly amount and hurried back .. almost as if before anybody could catch me there. ;-)

Lala said...

congratulations on the crores... about the positive vibes in your blog, i agree. good work. :)

JD said...

:-) Congrats. You must take up writing a book seriously..

Keep writing

Kavita Saharia said...

Congratulations Aparna....before commenting selfish me rushed to the link you some interesting fig...Hey Lady...keep up the great work.

Sakshi said...

Ohh that's not news to me...your blog was always a treasure chest for your readers. And please don't sell it to anyone even if the buyers are google ok?? It won't be worth a penny if you are not behind the keyboard..Arghhhh my blog is worth $33..serves right to a lazy person like me..sobs!! I am assuming my love for the number 3 is the reason for this value...but they could have added another 5 or 6 three's no??

The best thing about blogging is making friends and I think I have struck a gold mine on that front...what with friends like you and SJ.. a Happy blogging and let me get on to see if I can fiddle with that damn application to make my blog worth a little more...

AnjuGandhi said...

congrats dear
u deserve this. sooooooooooooo much money? suppose u find a buyer for ur blog, just think what you will do with the mullah u will get? go on a fantasy trip and do share ur dreams
and now i am going to check the worth of my blog. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it comes to a reasonable and respectable amount otherwise i will be shattered ;-)

anamika said...

See you proved that u had it in you:)....
i guess u can sell it and think of making one more blog if given an opportunity..:D

maidinmalaysia said...

you know if it somehow keeps you away from physics, then your blog should be worth much much more.

Miss M said...

And we are soo damn glad that you keep writing post after post! ;)

Nona said...

Congratulations! And we are very happy about your decision to continue writing. :)

Ramakrishnan said...

I stumbled onto your blog quite accidentally.But I continued reading your posts and now I must confess I am hooked.You are extremely creative and expressive and your blog is indeed invaluable. You have every reason to feel elated about the latest evaluation -whether it is a crore or a zillion !
Best Wishes Ram

Swatantra said...

Hey!! That's a nice post!! Did you check the worth of the website which evaluates the website!! Very interesting results it shows!!

Aparna said...

@ Ajit, you are my cheerleader! What will I do without you? Remember you told me about writing whatever struck my fancy? I heard you. You are becoming quite good at dishing out advice!

@ Priya, thank you!

@ ZillionBig,thank you very much. I still cant get over the figure, even if its all hogwash.

@ Neha, hi, welcome to my blog. I hope you will come back again. Thank you very much.

@ Meira, good for you. Did you tell your hubby you are on the way to a goldmine?

@ Jyothi, thank you.Still feeling high.

@ Kavi, you are right. Nothing compares to the writing.

@ SJ, what can I say? You and Sakshi have been my 2 greatest supports. Sometimes I stay awake at night and wonder what can I write that will make SJ and Sakshi laugh.Serious, not joking. Thanks.

@ Sandhya, thanks. Your words meant a lot to me.

@ Sharmila, dont believe that site. Your blog is worth millions. Who else tempts the readers with some beguni and conversation?

@ lala, thanks a ton. You are one of those people who bring positive vibes to my posts. Hope you know that.

@ JD, a book and me? No way!

@ Kavita, yours is one of the most informative blogs I have come across.Not many showcase the north-east culture and sights the way you do.

@ Sakshi, lady you stole my words.
I feel richer for knowing so many people and making so many new friends. Just imagine, all these people, staying in different places, yet connected to one another. Amazing. You have been a great support. Thanks.

@ Anju, havent really thought about the fantasy trip. Where do you suggest I go? Thank you so much.

@ Anamika, hehe, that is a good idea!

@ Maidinmalaysia, anything that keeps me away from physics is worth millions!

@ Miss M, thanks, glad you like my posts.

@Nona, thank you so much.

@ Ram, thank you. Coming from you, it meant a lot.

@ Swatantra, no I didnt .What did it say?

Ire said...

Whoa loads of money that! Awesome!

NR said...

hey congrats this should encourage u to keep writing.

ani_aset said...

Wow congrats..and girl!! next time you post a link, make sure it opens in a new window :D

Keep blogging!!!

Keshi said...

Congrattz! ;-)


Rajesh said...

It is the happiness of writing the blog and the reviews that matter most and not the money. I agree with you on that.lose to 50 posts by starting in just November is cool. I do enjoy reading your posts.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Congrats on beating the economic downturn.

And you are tempting me to join the goldrush!

Ezhilan said...

Your blog is interesting to read.Your style of narrative is attractive.

Deeps said...

Congratulations,Aparna.You are rich,lady!!! But you sure are worth all that and more.You're real treat to read,Aparna.

Sumandebray said...

Duniya re dunia ... very good very good
Duniya wale .... very bad very bad
Blog worth $434,176... very good very good
No Buyer ..... Very Bad Very Bad
writing been salvation.. Very Good Very Good
No to corporate dinners ... very bad very bad
thankful to my readers.... Very Good Very Good
No to teaching physics ...... very bad very bad.

Gymnast said...

Wow , nice. You sure have a very popular blog , thanks to your wonderful writing.

Unknown said...

Congrats!! am very very happy for you!! :D

*sulks majorly though - My blog worth won't even buy me peanuts* bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :'(

Gayathri said...

oye,it's just the second time i'm here..n i was surprised when i read u were married now..and i was like 'phew' when i read later that u have a daughter!! u look so young n pretty!! i feel jealous :D..
and yeah,it's the happiness and gratification that matters.. i wish mine was worth at least half as that :D..

sHiNiNg sUrYa :-) said...

Hi Aparna,

Mine is $434,183.

Let's start a joint venture!!!
What do u say :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi Aparna - I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog. It was a while ago and I bookmarked it to read later. I just went through about 5 of your posts and really liked them. Am blogrolling you and look forward to reading more.
Take care.

SG said...

Nice blog. You struck gold? Eureka.

Smita said...

Congrats dear :)

Mine is worth 540$ only :-(

BK Chowla, said...

My best compliments and congratulations.You have done a good job-keep it up

Aparna said...

@ Nikki, isn't it? I am still gasping.

@ Nazish Rahman, thank you. Nothing will stop me from writing.

@ Ani-aset, why? you didn't like this window? What did it say?

@ Keshi, thanks a lot.

@ Rajesh, true. Nothing beats the happiness.

@ Sucharita, not bad considering the recession na?

@ Mojo Arasu, thank you and welcome to the blog.

@ Deeps, thank you so much. It is because of readers like you I keep blogging.

@ Suman, haha, most inspiring! Uparwallah and neeche walleh both have been vey good very good.

@ Gymnast, thank you very much.

@ Purnima, don't belive the website, its all hogwash. You keep writing.

@ Gayathri, I have been married for 17 years and my daughter is 14! Thanks for thinking I am pretty!

@ Surya, yeah, let's start the venture right now!!

@ Corinne, thanks welcome to my blog. Hope you will enjoy my furure posts also.

@ Smita, thanks. Do you really believe that evaluation? I honestly don't.

@ BK Chowla, thank you sir. I hope you will keep reading my future posts.

ani_aset said...

ya it did open aparna..but better is to make it open in a new window rather than current window, so that reader does not have to leave your blog to see the link.

Just a little bit of html required.

put Target="_blank" in href tag :)

Prashanth Lakshminarasimhan said...

Am new to Blogging and hence i can just say ... Yeah u have really struck gold....


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations to you!

Clearly, De needs to take a leaf out of your notebook :)

Rachna said...

Hey Really nice and keep writing. I think more than others you write for yourself with an honesty and a view to share something of your own. That honesty of yours connects with me. You write well and a lot of stuff from your own experiences. Keep it up!

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Hey Congrats..

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