Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Day In Paradise

Bleary eyed , rubbing sleep
Managing to open my front door
And what do I find but that creep
Has again spilled the milk on the floor.
So many times in the past
Warned that guy with the pea-sized brain
That day would surely be his last ,
The day he spilled the milk again.
Fresh green veggies, some nuts to munch
And some fruits for their lunch
Chopping, cooking, stirrring and
Filling up the boxes with an expert hand.
Grumbling about the morning blues
Walking past the cluttered hall.
Stopping by the kids' room
Waking them up for their morning school.
Rise up and shine my little ones
The bus would be here. It's getting late.
Look at you , the sleepy heads
Sleeping still though it's half past eight.
Can't find my socks , and the book of prose,
Mom, sis just hit me on my nose.
Have you seen my lap-top cord?
Bless this home, oh my Lord.
Breakfast table the usual scene.
What? Fruits, milk and cereal 'gain?
Why can't you make us some nice snack;
To last us till we all come back?
Kids and husband now all gone
Peace and quiet and silence around.
Streching arms and heaving a sigh
Oh! for that blissful cup of chai !
Mother-in-law peeping to say,
The maid just called. Not coming today.
Looking at me with great despair,
Promising to help me in any which way.
Brushing aside her offer of help
Showing no pity on my poor self.
It's washing, wiping, cleaning time
Expressing anger on dust and grime.
Back from school after lunch.
Sharing with them the day of fun,
Listening to stories of books and play.
Wishing I could be so young and gay.
History , Civics and Environmental Science,
Checking for craft lessons online.
See the clock! It's almost nine.
C'mon everybody it's time to dine.
Aching body and tired feet
Sinking deeper and deeper in the sheet.
Sleeping till the next sunrise.
Another day in my paradise.


sujata sengupta said...

wow! brilliant!! loved it the story is the same everywhere..hate it when i face it...and laugh my ass off when you write it..great going!!

Unknown said...

I have this strange feeling
that you must have had a little
more time on your hand than
usual. Your children
sleeping during the day: vampirishly.
I saw it on google.

R. Ramesh said...

hey i liked the title of this piece..another day..that's the usual line i say when people ask me how u doing in office...with difficulty i learnt the arabic version- Youm tana fi jana..(think i am correct)..BTW thanks friend for passing by my stay connected..cheers

Unknown said...

Great.....write some more and publish a book of poems....your 13 yr old will be your fan and will eat out of your hand.

Aparna said...

@ Sourendu You know who I blame for my kids' batty behaviour don't you? The guy who gave them the twilight series.

@ sujata, R.ramesh and radiya, Thank you guys, you made my day.

Ishita said...

I'm happy that the books are playing a very important Part in everyones lives ;) It is so funny ot listen to you guys compare all teens to vampires! BTW, check out the 1st name in my popular books (fiction section) on my blog.

R. Ramesh said...

Hi..passed by to say Hi.

Sohini Rajpal said...

Hey Aparna,

Another day for all of us in paradise hmmm! Same story in any part of the world, in any household!!! Just began reading all your work. Keep them coming..Really loved and identified with this one...

Ire said...

Wow! This is awesome!

Jeevan said...

wow! I review our past life through this post. If not paradise what is home? it happens only if we have mothers described like here.