Friday, April 24, 2009

He Said She Said

He Said : And what was wrong with Agra? Why could n't we go there for our honeymoon?

She said : Because I am from Delhi and no one from Delhi goes honeymooning in Agra. We go there for school picnics , weekend trips or simply to show Taj Mahal to our relatives who visit us.

He said : What convoluted logic. The Taj is the symbol of love. Of course we could have gone there for our honeymoon.

She said : Moreover it is a congested town. You can't go on long walks.

He said : We are going for long walks on our honeymoon?

She said : Yes. Long walks and impromptu picnics.

He said : (Said nothing, just gave a " Women are from Venus "look).

He said : I have motion sickness. Mountainous roads make me throw up.

She said: Poor baby. You can have an Avomin before we start. We will take breaks on the way.

He said : But Chail? I didn't even know there was a place called that. I have to figure out the logistics...the train and bus connectivity.

She said : It's a beautiful place. The clouds come really down and envelop you completely. Very romantic. You will love it.

He said : It also rains? Good, we can stay in the room and order room service.

She said : ( Ignoring the second part of the statement ). Yes it does this time of the year. We will need the jackets when we go out for our walks.

He said : We will go for walks in the rain?

She said : (This time she didn't say anything, Just gave a "Men are from Mars" look).

He said : I am all done with my packing.

She said : Are you taking that sweater? That's way too big.

He said : Of course it's big. I borrowed it from Rahul who is at least a foot taller.

She said : You borrowed clothes from your friend? This is your honeymoon!

He said : Of course I borrowed a sweater. What will I do with this later? We are going to stay in Bombay. We will never need sweaters there. Don't tell me you bought brand new clothes for this trip?

She said : Of course I bought new clothes. This is my honeymoon!

He said : Whats all this stuff here?

She said : My shoes. And these are my bags.

He said : You are carrying four pairs of shoes. That's three pairs too many. You can just carry your sneakers you know.

She said : I am not going to wear sneakers with my skirts, that looks plain awful. These open toed sandals are for my skirts and these stilettos are for my salwar-kameez. This pair is extra, in case of an emergency.

He said : They didn't teach me all this in IIT.

She said : Do you have some some one rupee coins? I will need them to make STD calls.

He said : Here. Who are you going to call?

She said : My mom. She will worry otherwise.

He said : Why? You will be with me.

She said : That's precisely why she will worry. I have to let her know once in a while every thing's fine. Don't raise your eyebrows to the sky. I know you have plans to call up your boss very often.

He said : That's different. We are working on an important project. I have to keep in touch. He will start worrying otherwise. I guess we need more one rupee coins...

This conversation took place when Mumbai was still Bombay. There were no cell phones and laptops. Men were gallant and carried their wives luggage (hence the worry about extra weight) These days I have been told that women spend a long time scrutinizing the spreadsheets on their laptops on their honeymoon .(You go girl !) Men worry incessently about their appearances and frequently visit the best salons before their weddings. They also at times own more pairs of shoes than their wives. Men and women both call up their respective bosses regularly. Mothers, thank god, continue to worry about their daughters...


Ajit Ray said...

Really cool!

sujata sengupta said...

Amazing!!! keep telling you stick to are too good at this!! loved everything, the style the wit could picture you and debabratada so well!!!! r

Kadri Luik said...

Men are from earth, women are from earth, why can't people just get over it and work on communication instead. =)

I really liked life better B.C (Before Cellphones) when people didn't "have to" be on the phone in all places and at all times. Last time me and my husband had a day out together he spent hours talking to his friend on the cell phone instead of talking to me. ... then he has the nerve to wonder what's wrong and why I'm in a bad mood and so not making dinner. =/

Aparna said...

Thanks Ajit.
Sujata, what made you think that it was about us? Chail? IIT? Oh forget it. You know us very well!
Kadri, I completely understand. My husband uses his phone so much that it has become a part of his ear.

nituscorner said...

i simply enjoyed this....specially the shoe part.i absouletly agree with HER....of course we need that many pairs ( and more )...after all we have the world at our feet lol!!!!

Vidooshak said...

Hilarious. Since we did go to Chail too, I almost thought you were recounting our story on the wife's behalf. Yes, what is it with you people and the walks in the rain/cold/nights?


Juhi said...

This is really good.......I sooooooo enjoyed reading this :)

Nupur said...

nice one here :) and hey godo info on CHAIL..added to my next travel destinations :)

Samvedna said...

I really enjoy your posts..they are so good.

Destiny's child... said...

Men will be men and women will be women and never the twain shall agree! ;)

Unruly Rebel said...

awsomne post... liked it a lot... :)

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