Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drama Queen

There is nothing as emotional as watching children perform on stage.

They are adorable in their honesty. Their innocence can simply reach out and squeeze your heart when you are most unaware. Even I, known to be a rather stone hearted woman at times, have shed a few tears surreptitiously into my tissue seeing my child on stage.

My elder daughter has been acting and dancing since she was four. At thirteen she has almost become jaded. She talks about costumes, props, rehearsals like they are everyday happenings. She has performed in Siri Fort in Delhi and Shanmukhanand in Mumbai. What else is there to conquer?

So when my second daughter was born, I secretly started dreaming of becoming the most sought after star mommy ever. But she turned out to be a different story. She would sit in a corner with a book and not resurface till she finished. It was her sheer misfortune that she was born to a mother who harboured a dream to be the most sought after star mommy .

When she was in kindergarten, her class teacher called me up to say that they were celebrating Independence Day and she had to go dressed in a saree. She was chosen to be Sarojini Naidu. All she had to do was to get up on stage and say "I am Sarojini Naidu". Very simple you thought?

Bribes in forms of chocolates, ice-cream and toys failed. She simply would n't open her mouth. With a lot of persuasion she finally managed "I am Sarojini Kaidu." After much effort and practice my daughter was finally ready for her first stage show.

Her father and I, on the appointed day, with spring on our steps went to the school premises. There, sitting amidst equally enthusiastic parents, we clapped like mad when our princess appeared on stage. Assisted by her teacher, wobbling in a saree, she came to the centre. I could see she was uncomfortable with her make-up on. She kept her mouth in a permanent pout lest she smeared her lipstick on her teeth. Taking a deep breath, holding the mic tight, she delivered her dialogue with applomb, "I am Sarojini Nagar market."

I swear I actually heard my 'star mommy' dreams shatter.


sujata sengupta said...

Ayushi has come a long way since,she blazes the stage now with her stance and her eye contact!! loved the post..praise for Ishita as well..good going!!

Ajit Ray said...

Wasn't Ayushi the one who could not stop dancing during sunny da's wedding? :O

divya naramada said...

i like this blog...if possible do write in ''

Anrosh said...

ha ha ha

P said...

hilarious!! I remember messing up like this on stage too! :P :P
PS: I love reading too!