Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Land In Between

Children are truly inspirational. Everyday they astound me with their unique views and depth. Recently my friend's son, who is only six, said something that continue to inspire me every day.

My friend is a Sindhi. Her family migrated to India during partition and settled down in Mumbai. Here she met her husband who was from Kerala. Two diverse cultures. Two lands far apart. I am sure there have been adjustment hiccups but they are really happy together. Every day at the dinner table the talk revolves around food which are generally from both these places. While eating the parents share with their two sons stories about their homelands and try to educate them about these two different places. The culture. The cuisine. The myths and the legends.

Hearing his parents talk about their respective lands, little Rishi, wanted to know the location of these places. The parents sat down with him and pointed out Sindh in Pakistan and Kerala in India in an atlas. Rishi, looking at the map asked "To which land do I belong daddy? My friends say that I am neither a Sindhi nor a Keralite." His parents tried to console him by saying that he belonged to both these places but Rishi was not really happy. He wanted a separate homeland just like his parents. Thinking for a while he suddenly perked up and said " I know daddy, see this land? Between Sindh and Kerala? This whole land in between is mine. I will go to school tomorrow and tell my friends I found my homeland in my atlas."


sujata sengupta said...

kids definitely give us a fresh lease of perspectives in their simple and straight manner..great post!short and crisp..

Tharini said...

Wow. :) WHat a sweet conclusion to make, and so simple.

Anrosh said...

wow ! let's give this politicians who make everything about regionalization..